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Time Release Caffeine Capsules

This product is no longer available

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Stay awake all day long

  • Swallow one in the morning and be perky all day
  • 200mg of caffeine releases over the course of 8 hours
  • 12 capsules per package

Sometimes it is fun to drink caffeinated beverages or eat caffeinated candies to stay awake. They are tasty and fun. But what happens, say, if you have to suddenly fly into space to deal with an alien invasion? You won't have time to eat or drink on the flight because you'll be busy with strategies and counter-xenophobe planning. Be lucky, then, that you have some Time Release Caffeine Capsules on hand. Just pop one in the morning, and you're alert for the next 8 hours.

Pill Popper 'Holy crap, but how?' you ask. Well, these (fully vegetarian) capsules contain magic. Through miracles in science, they sit in your belly and release a steady stream of caffeine. And scientific studies have shown (seriously, this time - look it up) that a steady stream of low dose caffeine is just about the best way to stay awake. And of course we tested these capsule out before offering them to you. Verdict? These Time Release Caffeine Capsules rock - and continue to rock all day long. You'll be ready to face those alien hordes with energy to spare.

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Time Release Caffeine Capsules

  • Each capsule has 200mg of caffeine and dishes it out in steady doses throughout an 8 hour period.
  • Vegetarian capsule!
  • Pure, unprocessed (non-synthetic) caffeine from Colombian Green Coffee Beans.
  • Special coating to reduce the potential of an upset stomach.
  • 12 capsules per package.

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