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Megaminx Dodecahedron Puzzle

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Twelve Sides of Puzzlement

  • 12 sided puzzle makes Rubik's Cube look easy
  • 12 colors, 62 pieces, billions of combinations
  • Easily disassembled if you want to cheat

Those colorful cubic puzzles are everywhere, and have been since the days of the dinosaurs - when great thunderous beasts roamed the land wearing legwarmers and Jazzercising their brains out. I think it was Marcia Brady who once threw her Rubik's Cube away, crying "Nobody will ever figure that out."

New puzzles come out all the time, but they're all variations on the same old cubic shape. Not this bad boy, nuh-uh! This thing is awesome with a capital awe! twelve sides, twelve colors, and sixty-two pieces, and billions of combinations. Try and solve it. Go ahead. We'll wait.

Let me know when you give up. When you do, we'll show you how the Dodecahedron Puzzle disassembles pretty easily. Remember trying to do that with the cube? You needed a screwdriver, and you were more likely to break it. Not so with this twelve-sided beastie. It's made to take a beating, which is good 'cause this puzzle may be frustratingly hard to solve, and could spend a significant amount of time flying through the air, having been tossed against the wall.


  • 12-sided colorful puzzle
  • 62 pieces, 12 colors, billions of combinations
  • 3.25" in diameter
  • Easily disassembled (if you wanna cheat)

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