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Electronic Rolling Laughing Monkey

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Insane Monkey Antics Amuse and Annoy

  • Plush monkey rolls on the floor and laughs
  • Illustrates what ROFLMAO looks like
  • Triggered by motion or sound

Here at ThinkGeek, we know a lot about monkeys. Not the kind of monkeys in the zoo, rather the ones who code and the robotic type that work diligently in our warehouse every day. Being fans of monkeys it seemed only natural that we would sell a Rolling Laughing Monkey. Of course this would ultimately become our downfall as giggling simians took over our office. At first we were smiling and laughing along with these insane beasts... but after a while we began to go slowly insane ourselves as the rolling and crazy laughing permeated the halls of ThinkGeek.

hanging around

Any sound or movement triggers the Rolling Laughing Monkey into action, so watch what you do if you take one of these monkeys home. Of course when showing this toy to real monkeys they became greatly offended and claimed that actual monkeys do not laugh insanely and the product only served to provide a negative stereotype of monkeys in general.

Product Features
  • Plush monkey rolls on the floor and laughs like crazy
  • Triggered by motion or sound
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries (not included)

Electronic Rolling Laughing Monkey Video:

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