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DIY Electronics Design & Projects Kit

This product is no longer available

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Learn the basics of electronics circuit design

  • Learn the basics of electronics circuit design
  • Budding tinkerers will love this kit
  • Over 130 parts to build all sorts of projects

Being a geek means being naturally curious about the world around you. Since you love electronic products you are also likely to be very interested in how they actually work. What are the basic electronic parts? How do they function? How are they related to one another? These questions and more can be answered by spending some time with our electronics kit.

Basic Circuits

The DIY Electronics Design & Projects Kit contains everything you need to learn the basics of electronics circuit design. It contains all of the most common electronics components as well as a prototyping breadboard for you to get started right away. Make a light detector, work with IC chips, create an interactive noise maker and more. Hours of amusement and intrigue for students, professionals, hobbyists, artists, and geeks of all types. No soldering is required and the included illustrated manual guides you through each of the projects. After you build all of the projects you can use the parts for your own designs. Includes over 130 parts.

    Some of the included projects:
    • Create a 5 volt power supply for your breadboard
    • Calculate resistance for LEDs
    • Dim an LED with pulse width modulation
    • Create a light/dark detector
    • Create a light sensitive noise maker
    • Wire buttons and switches
    • Charge capacitors
    • Fade in LEDs
    • Click HERE for a full list of parts

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