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Stainless Steel Carabiner Mug

This product is no longer available

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Get Your Caffeine When You're Spelunking

  • Clip your drinking vessel to your belt loop
  • Sturdy stainless steel won't chip or break
  • Great for hot or cold beverages

When the Fellowship was attempting to escape the horrors of Moria, Gandalf slowed and confronted the Balrog on the bridge at Khazad-džm, giving his troupe a few blessed moments to escape the burning titan's flaming fury. What isn't known to all, however, is that Gandalf was hoping to escape, himself! He was slowed because he hadn't had his usual morning victuals of coffee and donuts.

Coffee, when diving into a subterranean hell, is fraught with problems - the least of which is how to drink it! Ceramic mugs break easily against sharp stones, and skins impart a foul formaldehyde flavor to your brew. If Gandalf only had a sturdy, perhaps metal, vessel from which to drink his morning pick-me-up, who knows what could have happened?

Maybe he would have escaped the Balrog. He could have given the Fellowship advanced warning of the Uruk-hai hunting them. He may have been able to successfully hold the tenuous bonds of the Fellowship together so that Merry and Pippin wouldn't have been kidnapped. He could have escorted them through the Black Gates themselves, laid waste to the hordes blocking them from Mount Doom, and destroyed the ring before Saruman could have raised his army.

None of which happened because he missed a single cup of coffee. Why would you do that to yourself? Get yourself this stainless-steel mug with a carabiner handle, so you can clip your favorite caffeine delivery vessel to your belt-loop, and always have it handy.

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