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Force FX Lightsaber Mini FAQ

Q: Is the Force FX Lightsaber a licensed collectible?:
A: Absolutely. The Force FX Lightsaber is indeed a licensed collectible approved and endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd. As a collectible, the Force FX Lightsaber is not a toy and it is not suitable for children under 12 years of age. Adult supervision is recommended.

Q: Is the Force FX Lightsaber a limited edition prop replica?:
A: No. Although the design of the Force FX Lightsaber is faithful to the look of the movie prop, it is not an exact replica. The hilt of the lightsaber was made slightly larger than the actual movie prop in order to accommodate the electronics that control the light and sound effects. The Force FX Lightsaber collectibles are not limited to a pre-determined edition size therefore they are not classified as limited edition replicas.

Q: Are these lightsabers made by Master Replicas? :
A: No. These are the new wave of Force FX Lightsabers, now made by Hasbro. But don't fret - Hasbro uses the exact same molds and exact same attention to detail and quality that the Master Replica sabers were prized for.

Q: What is the blade on the Force FX Lightsaber made of?:
A: The Force FX Lightsaber features a permanently attached polycarbonate blade. Once activated, the blade glows brightly and the replica plays back digitally recorded sound effects taken directly from the film.

Q: Is the blade on the Force FX Lightsaber removable?:
A: No, the blade is not removable or retractable. There are a number of wires and electronics systems in the blade that would not be as durable or reliable if we made the blade removable.

Q: How do the light and sound effects work in the Force FX Lightsaber?:
A: The Force FX Lightsaber incorporates two motion sensors which sense both the motion of the blade as well as when it comes in contact with something. An on-board, multi-channel chip is programmed with digital sound effects originally created for the movie by Skywalker Sound. The Force FX Lightsaber replicates the following sound effects:

  • Power-up
  • Idle hum
  • Swing (with pitch change)
  • Clash
  • Power-down

Q: How long will the light in the Force FX Lightsaber last?:
A: It should run for several hours on a fresh set of batteries. The electronics, if cared for properly, should last for several thousand hours of use. Replace the batteries whenever the performance begins to change, such as reduced brightness or volume.

Q: Can I use my Force FX Lightsaber for dueling?:
A: This product should not be used to strike others. Although the blade is very durable, it should never be used for fighting or dueling. The Force FX Lightsaber was produced as a collectible; it was not intended for dueling. That said, we've had several successful lightsaber battles here at the ThinkGeek offices. How can you resist especially with the 'clash' sound effects that occur when the blade strikes another object?

ThinkGeek is not responsible should any customers who purchase this lightsaber turn to the dark side. Nor are we responsible should you not contain sufficient Midichlorians in your blood system to engage the force without reckless abandon.