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Build Your Own Easter Island Kit

This product is no longer available

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They're watching you

  • Erect your own mini head garden
  • Includes 4 tiny replica stone heads and a mini-book
  • Tallest head is just over 2" tall

On Easter Island there sit hundreds of stone heads, called moai. Huge, they are, and mysterious. They stare out - but why? Are they watching over the people of the island? Are they waiting for something to arrive in the waves? Or, are they just the tip of giant stone monsters resting until they get their cue from space which will make them unearth themselves and take over our planet? The world may never know. But one thing is certain: having tiny replicas of them on your desk is pretty sweet.

And that's why we all need the Build Your Own Easter Island Kit - to bring this mysterious sweetness to our desks. In each kit, you'll get four mini heads and a book filled with facts and stories all about the moai. You'll learn all sorts of ancient secrets and your mind will begin to fill with questions that have no answers. Soon you will be staring out just like the little stone heads that come with your Build Your Own Easter Island Kit - and everyone will know you are wise. Wise and mysterious. Ooooo.

Build Your Own Easter Island Kit

  • Erect your own mini head garden, just like those on Easter Island.
  • Includes: 4 tiny, replica stone heads and 1 information-packed mini-book (32 pages)
  • Dimensions: tallest head is a little over 2" tall (head size varies)

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