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Health Energy Potion

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

A Booster Shot!

  • Each potion contains 160mg of caffeine and no sugar.
  • Powered with Elderberry, Ginseng, Folic Acid, and more.
  • Provides 5-8 hours of smooth energy.

Fifty angry Gnoll Mercenaries - easily wasted. Seventy Blood Elf Beauticians - challenging, but conquered. One hundred rabid Troll Orthodontists - vanquished, but just barely. You felt yourself teeter in weakness as the last of the Orthodontists fell. And over the next hill, you can hear the clamoring of two hundred seventy-five flatulent Undead Accountants. The battle is far from over. But lucky for you, you have in your Bag of Holding a bottle of Health Energy Potion. You chug one of the little shots and instantly your health level is back to full.

Because Health Energy Potion was created with gamers in mind (from the same twisted geniuses who brought forth Mana Energy Potion). Each tiny shot (in its own little potion bottle) gives you the caffeine rush (160mg) of 2 Scarlet Taurens (i.e. Red Bulls®) or 4 cups of office coffee (i.e. the crappy kind). Each shot also contains a load of stuff to refresh your mind, body, and fighting spirit - Elderberry (historically protects you from witches) and Ginseng, and vitamins like Biotin and Folic Acid, to name a few. And you'll get all this in an otherworldly red drink with a strangely addictive apply/cinnamony/potiony taste (and no sugar). Mana Energy Potion gives you the energy you need to win the battle; Health Energy Potion recharges you for the next one.

For nutritional information, click here.

Health Energy Potion

  • Each tiny shot is loaded with 160mg of caffeine and tons of other health boosters.
  • As much caffeine as two cans of Red Bull®
  • Powered with goodies like Elderberry, Ginseng, Biotin, and Folic Acid.
  • Provides 5-8 hours of smooth energy.
  • No sugar, so no aftercrash.
  • Net Wt.: 1.69oz.

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