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Chaotic Evil

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[insert evil laugh track]

Awwww. Did I accidentally-on-purpose Mordenkainen's Disjunction the precious artifact the party's been working its way toward through epic battles? And are you surprised that a Chaotic Evil character would act this way? Now what have we learned?

4E may have taken away half the alignment options, but Wizards of the Coast left us with one of our favorites: Chaotic Evil. Not always viable in a campaign situation, Chaotic Evil makes for a great one-night gaming-session all-out ego-fest. Your character has a goal in your mind and will do whatever is necessary to bring it about. Simple. Uncomplicated. Of course, when there's a party involved, then it gets more complicated. You might have to hack through the lawful good character standing in your way. This is why it's better if it's a one-night session. Cause feelings get hurt if you turn somebody's almost-epic-level paladin into steak tartare. Eeeeeevil steak tartare.

Chaotic Evil means you get to do whatever you want, as long as it gets you closer to what you really want. The best foe is an unarmed one. The best puppy is a kicked one. The best fellow party members are also Chaotic Evil, going after the same goal as you. Only you'll get to it first, cause you're smarter and more devious. And you put iocane powder in their Mountain Dew. Muhahahahaha.

"Chaotic Evil means never having to say you're sorry" in red and grey on a 100% cotton, black shirt. Black like your soul.

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