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Visual Guide to Lock Picking - 3rd edition

This product is no longer available

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Leave no lock un-picked

  • Discover the secrets of the lock picking trade
  • Learn and practice all the methods
  • Become a master lock picker in no time

This Third Edition has over 100 new pages, updated graphics, and loads more info!

Doors have always been a help and a hindrance. Yes, they keep out the cold and the wind; yes, they protect you against vampire cats and unwanted alien intruders. However, they also keep you away from the next level or from obtaining special jewel-encrusted fire-swords. And when faced with such a locked door, you have to ask yourself: WW007D? That's right - James Bond would quickly pick the lock. And now you can learn how!

The Visual Guide to Lock Picking gives you the edge to quickly learn what it takes others years to gather. A valuable addition to any collection, this book not only covers what tools and techniques are needed to pick most common locks, but also goes through what to do step-by-step; and actually teaches you how to do it. It explains what all of the tools are and for what they are used. What sets this book far above the competition is the vast assortment of illustrations that make everything easy to understand. This really is a visual guide containing over 60 pages filled with diagrams and drawings that will instantly show you how locks work, and exactly what to do to bypass them. Then you can take one step closer to being the super spy you've always dreamed of.

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