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Timmy the Monkey - Kids

This product is no longer available

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Geeks + Monkeys = World Domination

Everybody needs a muse, right? Well in our case it's Timmy. Timmy the Monkey has been there since day one and has been our inspiration for all things cool, l33t and geeky. If you don't have your own monkey, maybe give our shirt a try, Timmy helps all....

Where did ThinkGeek's obsession with monkeys come from? Why are monkeys and geeks so often associated? Who is this Timmy the monkey anyway? Many don't know the story of how monkeys and geeks came to be so closely entwined. It's been an industry secret since the dark ages of 1996, and only those in the true inner circle can fully appreciate the symbiotic relationship between a geek and his or her monkey. Suffice it to say that to a geek, coder, designer or tech-head of any age, a monkey is one's muse. The creative force behind all the l33t h4ck5, the pwnage of your friends, and, naturally, the playing on the monkey bars. If you don't have a monkey of your own, try out the Timmy the Monkey t-shirt. Timmy has plenty of mojo to share.

100% cotton, pre-shrunk, navy t-shirt with the face of Timmy the ThinkGeek monkey mascot printed on the front in brown, beige and black.

*This product is imported.

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