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Crystal Cube Firejewel Necklace

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

This Necklace Will Light Up Any Outfit

  • Solitaire necklace with a 10 mm Swarovski crystal
  • Tiny white, blue, pink, or violet LED lights it up
  • Neckwire gives a neat floating illusion look

There are a couple of ways a girl can get that "glow" people talk about:

1. Get pregnant. We hear this is a sure-fire way to glow. Of course, it involves several complications, some of which will be with you for the rest of your life. Possibly living in your basement.
2. Expose yourself to low levels of radiation. This one's nice because you might get a bonus super-power with it. But, once again, it leaves you with lifelong issues. Course it might not be that long if you pick the right irradiated materials.
3. Pick up one of these: the Crystal Cube Firejewel Necklace.

If number three sounds like the option for you, we'll fill you in. It's a solitaire necklace with a single AB-coated* 10 mm Swarovski crystal as its focal point. Inside that crystal is a tiny LED. The 17" neckwire which creates that hip, floating "illusion" look is also functional. It carries the current from the clasp, inside which is housed three easy-to-replace, LR41/AG3 batteries. When you close the clasp, it creates a circuit and voila. To cut off the current, just disconnect or reverse the clasp. You glow.

Each necklace comes in a small gift box. Choose between a white, blue, pink, or violet** LED. Batteries included.

* We took this opportunity to look up finally what "AB-coated" means, and it's pretty cool so we thought you might like to know. It stands for Aurora Borealis, so named for the changing colors reflected in the result. That unique, iridized look is achieved by blasting the crystal in a vacuum chamber with a vapor of metal atoms. Neat, eh?

** The wavelength of the violet is 415 nanometers. That means it's almost in the ultraviolet spectrum. When it sparkles, it occasionally messes with your eyes and almost disappears. It's our favorite.

For our customer with nickel allergies, this product is Nickel free.

Product Specifications

  • White, blue, pink, or violet LED.
  • 17" neckwire, 10 mm Swarovski crystal.
  • Three LR41/AG3 batteries (included) provide 50 hours of use.
  • To turn on/off the necklace, plug magnetic ends into barrel clasp. The barrel clasp is reversible, allowing the necklace to be worn without glowing and also preserving battery life.
  • To replace batteries: Remove barrel clasp top. Remove used batteries and replace with three non-rechargeable LR41/AG3 batteries. Be sure to stack all the batteries in the same direction, close the barrel clasp, and plug the magnetic ends into the clasp.

*This product is imported.

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