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MP3 Retro Speaker Amp

This product is no longer available

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This one goes to eleven

  • 5W mini amp for your mp3 player or computer
  • Adjustable treble & bass for quality sound
  • Powered via AAA batteries or USB

These days, most speakers that are sold as "MP3 speakers" are pitiful and anemic little things, shaped like bubbles and sounding like, well... sounding like crap, frankly. Buzzy, tinny and no bass response. Sad and pathetic, but what's a proper rocking geek god supposed to do to entertain his entourage with the latest nerdcore or arpeggiated moogsynth jams?

What you need is an old-school retro guitar-amp, zapped with a shrink ray, but still capable of cranking to eleven, and blasting your ears with 5W of power! If only somebody made such a thing! If only... Hey, look! ThinkGeek's got 'em! Yay!

This little amp is perfectly sized for portable rock. Maybe you won't be able to plug in your favorite Gibson or Fender or Rickenbacker, but you can plug in your iPod, iPhone, Zune or Zen. Really, anything that can send sound down a 3.5" mini-jack will do just fine. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) or by your computer's USB port, it pumps out plenty of sound out of that little body. So before you try and overdrive your tiny headphones in an effort to let your friends hear your songs, maybe you should plug in your amplifier, and get with the proper rocking.


  • A rocking 5W mini amp for your MP3 player and computer.
  • The detail and design on this mini amp speaker replicates the coolness of that of a full-size version.
  • The speaker has adjustable Bass, Treble and Volume dials to really get the best from your music.
  • The mini amp can be used as both an MP3 speaker (or any music player with a 3.5mm jack) or a computer speaker.
  • Plug it into your phone for loud & clear speakerphone sound
  • Requires 3 x AAA Batteries (not included) or a USB lead for your PC (included) to power the speaker.
  • 200Hz to 20KHz frequency
  • Size: 12.5 x 10 x 9cm

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