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Star Trek TNG Plate Covers

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!


  • Turn your boring light switches and outlets into something spectacularly Trek
  • Install in seconds with just a screwdriver
  • Three plates, each sold separately

You've landed on this page because you're either a really big Star Trek fan, or you're morbidly curious about what kind of nerd would want these items. I would like to speak, for a moment, to that first group. Ignore the haters, guys - they don't understand Trek. They don't get how cool it is to travel at Warp 9.975 through the Delta Quadrant, or snapping around a singularity at faster-than-light whipping you into the past, or applying two annular confinement beams slightly out of phase onto a Starfleet officer just as an atmospheric window closed causing a duplicate to materialize on the planet’s surface... The shows were epic, and those poor souls will just have to live in the sad technologically-vapid world they've created for themselves.

You're different - you practically LIVE in the 24th century. You've got a communicator, sure. You may even have tribbles and shirts, but do you have 24th century wall panels? No? Well, step right up, my friends! Why, for just a few strips of latinum, you can decorate your own 21st century domicile with lighting and power wall-plates, complete with LCARS interface designs! Of course, the panels are non-working - probably because our primitive electrical power-systems are incompatible with 24th century technology. Perhaps you need a new phase-inducer, or maybe you can run an EPS purge of the primary relays?


  • 3 wall-plates, US sized, replace your existing light-switches, sliders or power-outlet plates - Each Sold Separately
  • Metal mounting backplate
  • Clear glossly coverplate
  • Installs in seconds - no experience necessary

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