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Robotic Chick

This product is no longer available

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Baby Barnyard Animals, Now in Robotic Form!

  • Little furry robotic chick
  • Cheeps, chirps, and flaps its wings
  • Cries when you ignore it

Before humanoid robots were ever made, and the now-famous three laws of robotics were written, robotic pets were created. Amongst the first were robotic barnyard animals. Their programming was simple:

  1. A robotic animal must not allow a human to think it is not cute, or, by inaction, cause a human to think it anything but adorable.
  2. A robotic animal must obey any human's orders, as long as those orders do not conflict with the first law.
  3. A robotic animal must not roll down the window and shout out the surprise endings of movies while driving past a theater line.

That last law was controversial, but ultimately considered one of the most important laws.

This robotic chick comes straight from Japan, where they know and accept robots more than any other culture. This cute little guy sits happily on your hand and quietly chirps and cheeps and twitches its stubby little wings in response to your touch. It's life-size and pretty realistic - you know - for a robot.


  • Little furry robotic baby chick
  • Cheeps, chirps, and flaps its wings in response to being petted
  • 8cm tall and 6cm wide
  • Requires 3 watch batteries (included!)
  • Cries when it's not given attention!
  • Comes shipped with its own nest

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