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Space Invaders Cutting Boards

This product is no longer available

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Fuses Your Love of VideoGames and Cooking

  • Handmade walnut and hard maple cutting board
  • Classic video game style for your kitchen
  • 15"x10"x1.25"

ThinkGeek loves a good FPS, and has even known to carry a few level 70 alts from time to time. But, really? We totally dig the old school. Back when a videogame was something you drove to - pumped quarters in. When you got there, the thrum of the machines sent a tingle down your spine. Your heart raced when you heard the incessant drumbeat of the Invader's attack.

WHUMP-WHUMP-whump-whump, they marched, downwards - ever downwards, towards your mobile artillery cannon. You fired and fired, and blasted them from the sky, but the more you shot down, the faster they came! This was the golden age of videogames. Back then, a meal was a cola slushy and a hotpocket. Now, you're all grown up. You've traded in your pocketfull of quarters for a console, but you never forgot your roots. Pay homage to those days of yore when Italian plumbers battled giant apes and pie-chart-graphs ate ghosts. It's time to decorate in video-game style.

This cutting board is hand-made in the U.S.A. Each cube of walnut and hard-maple lovingly glued to its brothers, then sanded and polished to a shiny finish. Because they're made by hand, there's an extremely limited supply, so make sure you get one before they're all gone!

Features and Details

  • Durable walnut and hard-maple cutting board
  • Classic Videogame looks with character embedded in the woodgrain
  • 15" x 10" x 1.25"

How to care for your cutting board

  • Never ever ever put your cutting board in the dishwasher! Handwash only!
  • I'm serious. Dishwasher. Bad. Don't do it.
  • Handwash only. Okay, last time. Swear.
  • Disinfect with a 1/10 vinegar to water solution
  • Refinish with a little mineral oil. Beeswax makes it extra shiny
  • If possible, store flat on its edge to keep it from warping
  • The dark parts are walnut. Some people with severe nut allergies might have a reaction, so be careful.

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