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Cantina Band

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Our Mos' Favorite Band

Folks are always wearing the shirt from the latest independent, up-and-coming rock band nobody's ever heard of to show how hip they really are. Be the only person on your block to wear a t-shirt for our favorite woodwind quartet.

Fun as it is, occasionally, we have to escape ThinkGeek World Domination HQ. So late one afternoon we all took a break and headed down to a local Mexican tavern for margaritas ("And I said no salt, NO salt on the margarita, but it had salt on it, big grains of salt..."). We're sitting there, talking about the latest beer-delivery robots and how popular a caffeinated tequila would be, when the house band kicks off their set.

To say it was an odd experience would be a vast understatement. You sort of expect the band to come with a guitar. Or a vocalist. Or if it's in a cantina, a violin or an accordion for the Mariachi of it all. At the very least, there'd definitely be a stringed instrument involved. No such luck. These guys were 100% woodwinds. A bassoon, an oboe... we're not sure what all was in the mix. But it sounded surprisingly great together, as they played their upbeat tunes. We were told by some regulars that they come out with new tunes every week.

Now, when you're really good at something, and you know it, and you have throngs of cheering fans constantly telling you how good you are... well, you're bound to develop a Big Head. Your dad warned you about this medical condition. Unfortunately, the band we saw didn't heed Dad's warnings. The constant praise and adulation of fans has modified the band members' craniums in such a way that, well, they all have big heads. Literally. It's bizarre, which is naturally just the way we like it.

We made a shirt to commemorate the event. We thought we'd share it with the smart masses, also. It's a charcoal grey, 100% cotton t-shirt, with a print in black of the silhouette of the band with the words "Cantina Band" outlined in white underneath.

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