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Tear Away Planner Mousepad

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Plans at your Fingertips

  • Write your notes in a location you'll always see
  • Tear off the top layer at the end of the week
  • An entire year of planning under your thumb

Point. Click. Repeat. Ad nausuem. Ooh, wait - an e-mail from the boss. Meeting - Friday - 2:30pm You can't forget, but alas you haven't any scraps of paper on which to write a note. BUT, you do have the Tear Away Planner Mousepad - and now you have the power of planning. Because the Tear Away Planner Mousepad is a mousepad and a planner all rolled into one (hopefully, you could have guessed that based on the product's name). Just fill a sheet up with your plans for the week, and then tear off the top layer when the week is over and start again.

Of course, we couldn't just give you something you could use without making sure it was silly, too - because not only do you have a 5 day planner under your mouse, but you also have a way to rate your expectations and accomplishments for the week. On Monday you might think your hopes are high, just to discover by Friday that you shouldn't have gotten your hopes up. There are three boxes at the bottom for continuing plans: This Weekend, Next Week, and Snowball in Hell. No matter what common sense says, we refuse to put "transform into a giant robot dinosaur" into "Snowball in Hell." Hey, it could happen.

Each pad is 8" x 9.5" and has 60 sheets (enough for a whole year and then some). Works with regular and neutered mice (optical . . . think about it).

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