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I Recycle

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Be Lazy and Save the World

There are many ways to save the environment. Some folks use only renewable resources. Some folks drive hybrid cars. Some folks buy solar-powered gadgets. And then there's you. You turned your aversion to laundry into a political statement. We salute you.

Some folks are about the high ideals of saving the environment; you're more into practical application of the concepts. By wearing the same shirt two days in a row, you managed to avoid using 40 gallons of water to wash and 4 kilowatt-hours to dry a perfectly rewearable shirt. Hey -- if you avoid Italian for dinner, you might be able to make it three. But be sure to do the sniff test. You wouldn't want to lose friends over your dedication to the environment.

As an added bonus, you didn't have to hang out in the laundry room. Back when we were in college (and, yes, we're dating ourselves), we could finger the soda machine to find out what temperature the sodas were or how many Mountain Dew were left, but we're jealous of today's students. They can now go online to find out if any washers are open, pay for the laundry with their student ID, and then receive an e-mail alert when the washer and/or dryer is done. No more carrying rolls of quarters down the hall only to be confronted by your wet underwear unceremoniously dumped on top of the washing machine. Not that we're bitter or anything.

"I Recycle; I Wore This Shirt Yesterday" on a 100% cotton military green t-shirt.

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