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Laser Stars Projector

This product is no longer available

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My god...it's full of stars...

  • Projects green laser stars and blue clouds
  • Makes your room look like a beautiful night sky
  • Can fill your whole room, ceiling and walls!

Caution: This product is more amazing in real life than on a two dimensional website

As you should well know here at ThinkGeek we are constantly striving to find tools for you, our loyal customers, to aid in your quest for World Domination. But we also want to encourage you to come up with schemes to conquer the entire Universe (and any parallel universes you might stumble across while conquering this one). And to properly conquer the known Universe, you'll need a a nice reliable star map. The Laser Stars Projector is not that map, but it sure does seem like one. And the second most important thing a Universe conqueror might do besides conquering Universes is seeming to conquer Universes. Keeps you buttered up for the real thing. Ok, carrying on then...

When you turn off your lights and turn this unit on - trust us - you will be bamboozled with star rapture. That's the only way we can describe it. Everybody who has seen the Laser Stars Projector in action at the ThinkGeek headquarters has at least one 'Oh My Gods, that's Frakking brilliant!' moment.

But ThinkGeek, what IS the Laser Stars Projector really?
It's a unit about 10inches tall that projects a combination of green laser stars and blue (slightly ultraviolet-ish blue) clouds onto your ceiling, walls, pets, etc. Both the clouds and the stars are constantly moving and morphing, just like a proper Universe should. And there are literally thousands of green laser stars to look at. There are two ways you can adjust your Laser Stars Projector, first you can pivot the projector itself 180 degrees horizontally around the base so that you can control *where* it is projecting in your room. It can literally fill up an entire ceiling and portions of several walls at once. And the other thing you can adjust is the intensity of the blue gaseous clouds, from zero to full intensity.

ThinkGeek, I'm a techie. How does it really work?
The Laser Stars Projector utilizes a state of the art Diode Pumped, Solid State (DPSS) green laser combined with custom developed multiphase diffractive holographic optics, super luminous diodes and precision motors to produce the laser stars effect. The coherent light produced by the DPSS laser passes through a passive diffractive holographic optical element, which in turn passes through a circular periodicity electromechanical wheel, which is driven by a precision motor to create the soothing motion of the star field. So there.

Hurry, get one before your friends do. Then plug it in, turn it on, and tune out...


  • Uses Green Laser and Holographic technology
  • 2 built-in precision glass lenses
  • Creates thousands of stars with or without blue cloud formations
  • Ac Adapter Included (US Only - 120V)
  • Unit Dimensions: 10" tall x 9" wide x 7" deep

Please note: It's difficult to portray what the Laser Stars Projector projects here in images because it works best in the dark. The images tend to mute the green stars and exaggerate the blue clouds a bit. But we've tried our best without completely fake photoshopping the image like you might see elsewhere. Also, this unit DOES NOT project actual constellations or stars, it's an entirely random display of projected stars. Also, dark matter is NOT included, sorry about that!

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