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Free Services (free of charge)

Talking Clock
Like a cuckoo clock, Nabaztag will speak out the time on the top of every hour.

Taļ Chi
You think that your Nabaztag is a little static ? That he needs some exercises and needs to relax his ears? Offer him some Taļ-chi classes.

Recap of the week !
Every week, your Nabaztag gives you his opinion on the week you guys spent together. Was it a noteworthy week or should we forget about it right now?!

Nabaztag's News
All you want to know about... everything! Any news you are interested in, ask him and he'll deliver fresh infos.

Wake-up rabbit
Just select your favourite MP3 and Nabaztag will sing it to wake you up. You can ask Nabaztag to send you to bed too!

Weather forecast
Want the weather forecast for your area... or the other side of the world? Nabaztag can inform you, all day long, with colours blinking on his gentle tummy. Or with his nice little voice, whenever you ask. Source : CustomWeather

Stock market
Your Nabaztag keeps an eye on market indices for you. It provides financial information with light signals, or voices them out whenever you choose. Source : Boursorama

Nabaztag mood
Sure your Nabaztag is always there to help you, but sometimes, it will have its own random things to do or say. How long, you think, will you put up with his moods?

Ear Talks
Every bunny bears a soul mate in his heart. Find the chosen one for your Nabaztag! When your ears move around, your mate's will react the same. Hence you can invent a language just for the two of you ...

Email alerts
Sitting in front of the computer waiting for an email? Silly you. Get along with your life, when the messages get there, Nabaztag will warn you.

Time for bed !
Sleepy-goodbyes ... Tell your Nabaztag to go to bed.

This is audio programs created by the people of Nabaztaland!!

Subscription services ($14.95 per 3 months)

Your RSS Feeds
You prefer a private lecture of infos you're really interested in? Tell your Nabaztag the RSS feed you want him to read.

Your Stock Portfolio
Like a real trader, your Nabaztag tells you wether you should keep your value or sell everything.

GoogleTalk alert
Waiting for a friend to connect to GoogleTalk in front of a computer ? This is as stupid as waiting for a mail ! Just do your thing and when your friend will finally connect Nabaztag will tell you so.

Personalized Email Alerts
Fed up with the traditional Email alert? Well, it's comprehensible ... Go to the next step and personnalize your alerts! After all, it's true that it's better to know if that email is from mummy or honey.

Nabaztag/tag Additional Capabilities

Voice messages
Leave messages for a friend or yourself

Voice Activation
Talk to your Nabaztag/tag

Audio Out
Mini-jack plug output allows you to plug your Nabaztag/tag to external components

WPA Encryption
On top of WEP encryption, it is also compatible with WPA

Ambient Noise Detection
By analyzing the sound in the room, the Nabaztag/tag can tell if anyone is around