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Geeky Wrapping Paper

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Slap some geek on that gift...

  • Wrapping paper for the rest of us
  • No sappy words or pics, just pure geek awesome
  • Nondemoninational, ChristmasBots, Zombies, Binary or Equations

After years of toiling and desperation, our engineers at ThinkGeek GiftLabs have finally invented something so unique and innovative, it perplexes even the brightest minds as to how global society might be impacted. We'll explain it to you but if your brain explodes, we warned you. You see, we have taken the flesh of a tree, mixed it up with some water and other patented goos. Then we took both some organic and inorganic pigments and dissolved them into a solvent. We took those pigments and applied them to the top of the modified tree flesh using very specific and highly intelligent patterns, and then coated everything with a nice protective finish made out of a special liquid that contains a low percentage of pigment and dries to a nice luster. We then folded these new creations and packaged four to a package and are selling them to you at a very affordable price so that you can turn around and use them to cover up things you want to gift to other people so that they might be surprised in a controlled manner. Sheer brilliance!

Currently, you can choose between these designs:

  • Equations - Scientific equations hand-written on blue and white graph paper.
  • Binary - Black paper with a terminal green font and 'Wrapping Paper' in binary written all across it.
  • Zombies - Black paper with zombies in various states of gift-giving/receiving, including a brain wrapped up with a pretty red bow.
  • ChristmasBots - Light blue paper with the cutest little holiday robots you'll ever imagine. And by cute we mean hella-nifty.
  • Nondenominational - Dark blue paper in a traditional style emblazoned with "Have a Satisfactory, Non-denominational Capitalist, Wintertime Gift-giving Season!"

Each pack of wrapping paper contains 4 sheets. Each sheet is 20" x 30". Many trees *were* harmed to bring you these unique creations, but it was all in good fun so what can we do?

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