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It's fun to be a pirate.

  • A hefty mug for holding yer grog
  • By grog, we mean coffee, 16 oz worth
  • Arrrrrrrgh on one side, pirate logo on the other

Sure it would have been fun to have lived during the golden age of Piracy, a time where the Pirates of the Spanish Main ruled the seas and brought about a delightful amount of plundering, pillaging and looting. Ah, such were the times of leather-faced privateers and buccaneers from the West Indies with their masted frigates and schooners laden with iron cannons and loaded with sea-loving, simple-minded, deck hands. To relive the legends of treasure and mermaids, of island lore, and of war on the seas. How romantic to have been a a pirate, eh? NOT.

Let's get something straight. You, yes YOU Mr. reading-this-very-sentence are in every conceivable way incapable of even existing in the same room as a real pirate. You would simply and quickly explode from fear from the inside out, leaving only a slightly tangible mass of flesh, blood, and bones on the planks beneath you. So, go back to "plundering" in your online "guild" and stop dreaming of ever being a pirate. That would just be too much of an insult to the real deal. Umkay? Just grab this mug, fill it with kool-aid and hurry on to the next "raid" before Mom calls you to set the table. Pwned.

All scary realities aside, this is a big pirate mug for a big pirate cup of Java. Holds sixteen ounces of your favorite liquid. Sleek looking gloss interior and black matte exterior with the Jolly Roger on one side and "ARRRRRGGH..." on the other. Optionally great for moonshined sugarcane rum, grog, and, of course, heavily hopped and heady ales. Pieces of silver not included. The intestinal fortitude of a pirate certainly not included.

Note: Because of a shipment being lost at sea, you may receive a mug which has a slightly more tapered bottom than the one pictured and a matte handle. They both hold the same amount of grog (16 oz.). Arrgh.

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