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The 21st Century Version Of The Lava Lamp

  • Desktop device is the lava lamp of the future
  • Shoots colorful lasers and LEDs at the ceiling
  • Trippy laser light show, dude!

The Laserpod is one of the most innovative lighting products to hit the scene since peace, love, and understanding were the only things to strive for. These days there are more interesting things to strive for. For example every self-respecting geek realizes life would be empty without interacting with the latest and greatest gadgets, gizmos and doodads. Enter the Laserpod, it's a veritable cornucopia of techno-appeal. This desktop sized device splits three electronic lasers and three high-intensity blue and ultraviolet LEDs, then throws them into a hand-cut faceted crystal to create some of the most unique and memorable mood lighting you'll ever witness.

By default the Laserpod will cast it's mesmerizing and organic lighting display up to your ceiling and around your room. This is our favorite Laserpod mode. The changing patterns , colors and textures that are projected are simultaneously alien and soothing. Not alien in the Space-Marine eating variety, alien in the otherwordly moonscape variety. You can also use the included diffusers to subdue the projected effects and create a more intimate setting contained within the Laserpod itself.

You can even interact with Laserpod by placing on top anything optical. Glass, crystal or clear plastics will produce the most profoundly beautiful effects that will continually evolve in time. For the best Laserpod experience, the device should be activated in complete darkness when the subtler, more meditative and organic beams will be seen - these are quite extraordinary and are unique to Laserpod.

The Laserpod is a patented invention of the innovative UK light artist Chris Levine, whose varied and ground breaking work in light has ranged from light sculptures for the band Massive Attack and some of the leading edge fashion designers, to an historic hologram portrait of the Queen of England. His work is about the experience of seeing and the living power of light, an ethos that is distilled into Laserpod. Sound too wish washy for you? Believe us, the Laserpod belongs in Science Fiction decor.

Each Laserpod comes complete with:

  • Red, blue, and amber lasers dance across your ceiling
  • 1 x Aluminium Laserpod Projector Lamp Unit
  • 1 x Crystal (set into base unit)
  • 1 x Ridged Glass Refractor Lens
  • 1 x DC Adaptor
  • 1 x Warnings + Instructions Leaflet

Laserpod runs directly from the included AC Adaptor. The base unit (without diffusers) is about 8.6 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter.

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