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Must... resist... urge... to... kill.... luser....

There comes a time when no matter what you do to help out a poor clueless luser, there's just no solving their problem. But there is a way to classify it - PEBKAC. Problem exists between keyboard and chair.

At one time or another, the average computer savvy geek has been drafted to the stressful and low-paying ranks of "Tech Support". All of us at ThinkGeek have done it in one form or another. Whether due to job description or a family favor, sometimes you just have to help out a computer user in need. Unfortunately amongst the throngs of the clueless, there's bound to be a handful that stand out for their phenomenal lack of brain cells and inability to listen and follow directions. When one of these lusers needs help, be prepared to work through your lunch break, bang your head on the table a few times, and hit the mute button on the phone and scream.

When confronted with such a vacuum in the universe of clue, the only way to classify the problem is PEBKAC. Don't know what PEBKAC is? You may be experiencing an ID-ten-T error. But because we're feeling generous today, we'll help you out. PEBKAC = Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair.

100% cotton heavyweight black t-shirt. The letters 'PEBKAC' and an iconic person being strangled by a phone line printed on the front in white and red. Very cute.

*This product is imported.

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