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Newbie Bodysuit

This product is no longer available

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To Stand In Youth By That Starry (bit)Stream...

Oh just imagine how quickly your little one is going to advance into the Machine World...

One of ThinkGeek's favorite newbies is a little fella named Jack. Jack likes to say 'la la la' quite frequently (at only 2 months of age). We, as geeks, fully understand that Jack (aka, newbie) is attempting to create a new programming language based on the repitition of natural language. Jack rocks.

And we also know that many of you out there have little geekoids (newbies) that are also coming into their own discoveries about life, the Universe and the Restaurant at the end of that Universe. They already know about 42 - it's your job to never let them forget about it.

And please oh please don't ever let your kids *not* read Tolkien, The Chronicles Of Narnia, or The Foundation Series - unless of course you intend to breed orcs. Oh, and teach them binary. Yeah.

Little white creeper with a computer sketch and the phrase 'newbie' written on it. As cute as geek can be, which, according to most sources, is *extremely*. Note: the photo doesn't show it, but we have this on a lap-shoulder creeper now for easier baby-accessibility when you have to change out their cables and whatnot.

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