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Colossus Cable - 12 Foot Charge/Sync Cable

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

That's right, 12 feet!

  • A twelve foot long cable for syncing and charging your mobile device
  • Choose your connector type: Lightning or Micro USB
  • Did we mention it's 12 feet long?

You know the feeling: you're at a hotel and your phone is really low on juice. But the only outlet you can tap into is the one all the way on the other side of the room (it might be the secret ones in the TV itself). And that's fine, but you need your phone near you so you can use the alarm (you just won't hear it if it's far away). What's a geek to do? Well, you can either rip the outlet out of the wall and rewire it closer to you (risking incidental charges to your credit card and fire and stuff), or you can get a longer charging cable. Because we don't want you to burn up, we recommend the Colossus Cable - 12 Foot Charge/Sync Cable.

The Colossus Cable - 12 Foot Charge/Sync Cable is a twelve foot cable. If your device needs a Lightning Connector cable, there's a Colossus Cable for you. If you need a Micro USB cable, well, are you in luck! We want to make sure you can have power when you need it - even if the outlet is on the other side of the room. With the Colossus Cable - 12 Foot Charge/Sync Cable, you will never be too far from an outlet (unless you stay in super fancypants hotels with huge rooms that don't have a lot of outlets).

P.S. Wherever you use your Colossus Cable - 12 Foot Charge/Sync Cable, be mindful to let others know where it is so they don't trip over it. The life you save may be your own.

Product Specifications

  • Super long, 12 foot charging/syncing cable for your mobile device
  • Use for charging or syncing with your computer
  • Did we mention it's TWELVE FEET LONG?
  • Requires a power adapter (you got one with your device) or powered USB port
  • Choose your connector/color:
    • Lightning Connector Black
    • Lightning Connector White
    • Micro USB Black
  • Dimensions: 12 feet long

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