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Templar Knight Boarding Axes

This product is no longer available

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  • Be ready for all your Templar Knight missions with these axes
  • Two styles to choose from: Mors (Single Blade) or Letifer (Double Blade)
  • Made of carbon steel, with a carved rosewood handle and brass accents

The Templar Knights were a force to be reckoned with. They were the fiercest fighters, they owned large tracts of land (keep your snickering to yourself), and they had a vast fleet of ships. When they traveled by water, we can only imagine them having axes like these on their belts. Sturdy blades, ready for anything. That's why these are called Templar Knight Boarding Axes.

Each of the two Templar Knight Boarding Axes starts with a carved rosewood handle, outfitted with brass studs for gripping and a leather lanyard (so you can do the "Catch... just kidding" trick with your fellow knights). Add a carbon steel head with one or two blades (depending on how you roll) and a leather belt holder, and you have an always-ready tool of destruction. Because in the immortal (and probably made up by us) words of Templar Knight Count de Monet, "Fighting is much preferable to just sitting around on our axes all day."

Product Specifications

  • The Templar Knights might have used axes such as these as they traveled in their fleet
  • Choose from one of two style: Mors (Single Blade) or Letifer (Double Blade)
  • Features:
    • Carbon steel blade(s)
    • Carved rosewood handle
    • Brass studs and accents
    • Leather lanyard
    • Leather belt hanger (frog)
  • Dimensions:
    • Mors (Single Blade): 6.5" blade; 15.5" overall
    • Letifer (Double Blade): 4.5" blades; 15.5" overall

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