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Shark Plush

This product is no longer available

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Dun DUN dun DUN

  • Great White Shark plush created with real attention-to-detail
  • Such as multiple rows of teeth
  • We're gonna need a bigger warehouse

It's taken us a while to find a shark plush that we thought was worthy of ThinkGeek. This one has so many things going for it. Let's start off with the basics: it's not called "Smiley" or "Cuddlekins" anywhere on the vendor's site. But more than that, it was designed by wildlife artists, who understand that not all sharks are the same. Want proof? They have other elasmobranchs in their line: Bonnethead, Blacktip, Leopard, Blue, and Bamboo Sharks, plus a Manta, Cownose, and Bluespotted Ray.

To distinguish it from the other options, this 16" long Great White Shark Plush comes with realistic details and accurate body and fin shaping. Our favorite bit is probably the teeth, multiple rows of them for a grand total of 68, which is pretty impressive for a plush whose mouth is only 2 1/2" across. (And, yes, we counted for you.) Pick up a Shark Plushie today, but we should warn you: they can detect a single strand of polyfil in the airspace of a house. So if you don't want your other stuffed animals to be recipients of a "test bite," you probably want them to keep their distance.

Product Specifications

  • Anatomically-correct Great White Shark*
  • Ready to menace all your other stuffed animals
  • Materials: Polyester fiber and plastic pellets
  • Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 16" snout to tail, 8" from top of first dorsal fin to bottom of caudal fin, 9" tip of one pectoral fin to the other
  • Not for children under 3 years of age

* Okay, not actually anatomically-correct but much closer than your standard stuffed animal

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