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Seventh Doctor's Umbrella

This product is no longer available

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  • Iconic Question Mark Umbrella from the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)
  • Modeled after the original created by T. Fox & Co.
  • Will not save you if you're hanging from an ice cliff

"Delta and the Bannermen" and "Dragonfire" introduced two new curiosities to Doctor Who fans, both of which we had to get used to and both of which we learned to love: the question mark umbrella and companion Ace. In the beginning, Ace was a lot of bluster, and our single favorite thing about her was that she was Not Mel. But we got to know her (and her bag of Nitro-9) and watch her development, she really grew on us.

As did the iconic umbrella. There are some spectacular tutorials out there, but the Seventh Doctor's Umbrella is one of those pieces that's just out of the reach of your basic cosplayer. Acrylic molding isn't something we're generally comfortable with, and, fortunately, we no longer have to be. AbbyShot put together this reproduction with metal, fiberglass, and polyester, and somehow they made it so you can buy it at a reasonable cost. Yes, this is more expensive than an umbrella you get at StuffMart, but you're also not going to find an umbrella with a question mark for a handle at StuffMart. So for those of you, like us, who have wanted one but didn't want to learn how to bend acrylic, here it is. Get it now.

Product Specifications

  • Iconic Question Mark Umbrella from the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)
  • Officially-licensed Doctor Who merchandise
  • Modeled after the original created by T. Fox & Co.
  • Comes with a bonus cover wrap that's black with red question marks
  • Materials: Frame is metal with fiberglass ribbing, polyester fabric
  • Dimensions: 37" long, 38" diameter

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