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Star Wars Series 5 Vinyl Pop Figures

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Pop goes the vinyl!

  • Cute bobble-headed figures of your favorite Star Wars characters.
  • Six characters to choose from
  • Wampa is super-sized at 6" tall!

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, a group of people decided to flee their failing galaxy and travel to another one. They boarded their ship and flew and flew. Eons passed, and eventually the ship reached our galaxy. Turning all their armaments on Earth, they prepared for attack. However, due to a terrible miscalculation of scale . . . well, let's just say these Star Wars Pop! Vinyl Figures - Series 5 fell out of the sky, shall we?

Series 5 has some great characters. There's Hoth Luke, ready to get chilly with it. There's a Biker Scout, ready to crash into a tree. There's Bossk, ready to growl and then do nothing (on screen). There's the Emperor, ready to break wind and pretend to not hear it (as really old, evil people tend to do). There's Momaw Nadon, called Hammerhead here from his first action figure appearance. And finally, there's the super-sized Wampa, ready to menace Hoth Luke. But not a "phantom" menace. NEVER a phantom menace.

Product Specifications

  • Pop! Vinyl figures of even more Star Wars characters (this is series 5, ya know)
  • Pop! Vinyl figures have no articulation, save for a bobbly head
  • Choice of: Biker Scout, Bossk, The Emperor, Hammerhead (Momaw Nadon), Hoth Luke, and a super-sized Wampa
  • Dimensions: Wampa is 6" tall, everyone else is 3.75" tall

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