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KOR Geomag Tazoo

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Magnetic creatures from another world

  • Two different sets to build unique creatures with the power of magnets.
  • Unlimited combinations of parts. Both sets can even be used together in one.
  • Fuel your imagination.

Some time ago, in the somewhat near future's past, a strange light fell to Earth. It crashed and exploded upon impact. Though thought destroyed, the explosion actually sent unique forms of life flying into the nearby marshes and streams. These two bits of alien matter, once quite similar, quickly adapted to their new environments and evolved into two unique types of life: KOR Geomag Tazoo Beto & Paco.

Beto and Paco are two different sets in the KOR Tazoo line. The secret is "KOR" . . . or core. See, each set starts with a metal core. Around it, magnetic plastic bits are assembled, so the toy now looks like a sphere or ovoid. Into these pieces, other pieces are plugged in, forming the outside body of the Tazoo. And finally, extra bits are plugged into the body, giving your Beto or Paco eyes, spikes, tails, etc. KOR Geomag Tazoo Beto & Paco await only your imagination and love to bring life into their parts.

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 5 and up.
  • Build unique creatures with these magnetic animal building sets.
  • Each set comes with enough parts to build all sorts of creatures (one at a time).
  • Both sets can combine for even more crazy creations.
  • Beto is a fish/water creature and Paco is a frog/land creature.
  • Number of Parts:
    • Beto: 68
    • Paco: 71
  • Made of plastic with embedded magnets. All these pieces surround a metal sphere.

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