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DIY Modern Mobile Kit

This product is no longer available

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Do it yourself art!

  • Build your own Alexander Calder-esque mobile.
  • Easily take apart and build mobile after mobile.
  • Fun way to learn about balance, equilibrium, and other science words.

DIY Modern Mobile Kit

Alexander Calder was a ground breaking figure in the art world and the father of the mobile. And all by accident. See, his first workshop was in basement and one day that basement flooded. But Alex couldn't let all his stuff get wet, so he hung all his art bits from the ceiling beams with twine. Calder took a step back when the water had been mopped up and thought, "Dang, that's nifty. What if I just combined all that stuff?" And lo, that's when mobiles were born. Now you can make your own Alexander Calder-esque art with the DIY Modern Mobile Kit.

DIY Modern Mobile Kit is totally fun, as you put the plastic bits on the ends of the wire bits and hang them level by level. The instructions are merely a guide as to how to attach each piece, because the best part of the DIY Modern Mobile Kit is that you pick the pattern and how each piece will hang. You'll enjoy experimenting with kinetic energy, balance, equilibrium, and levers as you DIY yourself some art. Once you get bored with your art, just take it apart and reassemble it in any way you want! Even better, if you have multiple DIY Modern Mobile Kits, you can combine them all into one BIG mobile. Dare you to make the world's biggest!

Product Specifications

  • Create your own Alexander Calder-esque mobile with this fun and easy balancing kit.
  • Totally customizable, so you can make your mobile totally unique.
  • Also great for science experiments on balance and stuff.
  • Fully-customizable, infinitely-expandable (combine multiple sets), and ultimately redo-able (i.e., you can take it apart and rebuild it again and again).
  • Materials: Stainless steel rods, plastic (red, white, black) art bits.
  • Includes: 1 Hanger Hook, 1 String with Hook, 1 Foam Block, 1 Straight End Rod, 10 (various lengths) Building Rods, 12 Shapes (various), 11 Balancing Sliders, Illustrated
  • Instructions (with a mini Calder bio).
  • Dimensions: rods vary from 7-15” long (depending on the pieces you combine).

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