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Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set

This product is no longer available

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  • Each set includes a bomb-shaped pen and an explosion-shaped sticky note pad.
  • Pen is weighted so it's always in the "gonna blow" position.
  • Mini Slim Pickens not included.

Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set

Offices are warzones: of ideas, of trivia, of foam-based weaponry, and of zingers. Today, we're going to focus on the last one. You know that feeling when someone says something and you just can't come up with the funny response you know is needed? Well, don't fret. Go back to your desk, think about it a bit, craft the perfect retort, and then blast your friend and/or coworker with it using your Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set.

The Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set is a fun way of writing any combustible news or reminders on. The pen has a weighted cap, so it stays upright. Place it on the note pad, and it looks like your desk is about to be blown to bits. But it won't be - don't worry. The only things that the Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set will blow up are your awesome words! BOOM!

Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set

  • The pen looks like a bomb and the sticky note pad looks like an explosion!
  • The pen is weighted to sit upright on the note pad.
  • Winner of Kikkerland's Korean Design Challenge.
  • Pen is black ink (uses a 1mm pen cartridge for easy refills).
  • Note pad has 40 sheets.
  • Dimensions:
    • Pen: approx. 1" diameter (at widest point) x 5" tall.
    • Sticky Note Pad: approx. 4.25" diameter (at widest point).

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