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Mr. Beard® Beard Machine

Hair today... brawn tomorrow!

  • Pick and "grow" your favorite facial hair style with this patented hair application machine.
  • Patented B-Cup system is quick and easy to use.
  • Over 200 styles (in multiple hair colors) to choose from. 5-Style Sampler Pack included.




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Hair today... brawn tomorrow!

 Mr. Beard Beard Machine

Some of us have plenty of facial filamentous biomaterial, while sadly some of us are lacking. And some of us are so lacking that our facial surfaces are smoother than a neonate's fundament! We feel your pain. No more enduring endless ridicule from the bewhiskered. No more drawing on mustaches, sideburns, or soul patches. No more covering your face with your hands all the time. Behold, the future is now and here and it's called the Mr. Beard® Beard Machine.

Brought to you by the same people who brought you Mr. Coffee, Mr. Peanut, Mr. Mister, and Mr. Fusion, the Mr. Beard® Beard Machine is an almost instant cure to your lack of facial hair. Just pop the B-Cup into the Mr. Beard® Beard Machine, turn it on, let it warm up, and place your face inside the beard chamber. Using a patent-pending, laser-assisted bonding process, you'll have the beard or mustache of your choosing in about one minute. Since Mr. Beard® Beard Machine uses real human hair, you can get your new beard wet, trim it, dye it, and anything else you'd do with a real beard. And when you get tired of your beard style, just shave it off and pick another B-Cup to try. With a Mr. Beard® Beard Machine in your home, you'll never be face-naked again!

 Mr. Beard Beard Machine

Mr. Beard® Beard Machine

  • Pick your B-Cup, stick your face in the Mr. Beard® Beard Machine, and in mere moments you'll have the facial hair of your dreams.
  • Uses real human hair particles for a salon-quality look and feel.
  • Patent-pending process permanently bonds hair to your face until you decide to shave it off and try another style!
  • Your new beard can be gotten wet and cleaned just like your own hair. You can even swim in it!
  • Once applied, you can shave and style your new beard.
  • To get you started, each Mr. Beard® comes with a 5-pack sampler B-Cup Pack of some of the most popular styles: Freddie Mercury, Handlebar, Fu Manchu, Green Arrow, and ThinkGeek Founder.
  • Other Features: Auto-off, Indicator tones, Removable Drip Tray, and more!
  • Over 200 different B-Cups available, in almost every hair color. Order form inside box.
  • Includes: Mr. Beard® Beard Machine, 5 B-Cups, Stickers, universal 110V power cord, and Instructional DVD.
  • Dimensions: approx. 11" x 10" x 10.5"

Mr. Beard® Beard Machine Video:

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