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SCOTTeVEST Sterling Women's Jacket

ProTip: Don't leave home naked

  • 23 pockets hidden inside
  • Use your smartphone through the pocket!
  • Weight Management / No Bulge system


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ProTip: Don't leave home naked

We're just full of great advice, aren't we? Since clothing is something society dictates we gotta do, we should do it to the best of our geeky abilities!

Enter our friends at ScotteVest. The Sterling Jacket is going to be your new wardrobe staple. Why? It has classic, clean lines that complement any other clothing you may be wearing. It has 23 pockets that will fit everything from your keys and wallet to your iPad (size Large and up). The ClearTouch fabric even lets you use your smartphone while it's still inside your pocket! All of these pockets feature SeV's Weight Management System and No Bulge design, which means although you'll be carrying a lot, you won't look like it. Note: Please reference the table below to choose your size. These are the measurements of the person wearing the jacket, not the jacket itself.

Bust 33-35 in. 36-38 in. 39-41 in. 42-44 in. 44-46 1/2 in. 47-48 1/2 in.
Waist 25-27 in. 28-30 in. 31-33 in. 34-36 in. 36-37 1/2 in. 38-39 1/2 in.
Hips 35-37 in. 38-40 in. 41-43 in. 44-46 in. 46-47 1/2 in. 48-49 1/2 in.
Sleeve Length 30-32 in. 31-33 in. 32-34 in. 33-35 in. 34-36 in. 335-37 in.

Product Specifications

  • Casual, lightweight jacket packed with well-thought-out, hidden storage capability 23 pockets:
    1. Left pocket for earbud
    2. Right pocket for earbud
    3. Left pen/stylus/laser pointer/flashlight pocket
    4. Left pen/stylus/laser pointer/flashlight pocket
    5. Left clear touch pocket
    6. Right clear touch pocket
    7. Glasses & chamois pocket
    8. Secret pocket inside glasses pocket
    9. Travel documents pocket
    10. RFID-blocking wallet pocket
    11. Clear touch ID pocket
    12. Digital camera pocket
    13. Digital camera pocket is divided into 2 sections, so it counts twice
    14. Memory card pocket inside camera pocket
    15. USB drive/Bluetooth earpiece/pack of gum pocket
    16. PadPocket (fits iPad in size Large and up)
    17. Back pocket
    18. Left handwarmer pocket w/magnetic closure
    19. Right handwarmer pocket w/magnetic closure
    20. Left change pocket (inside handwarmer)
    21. Right change pocket (inside handwarmer)
    22. Left cuff pocket
    23. Right cuff pocket
  • Uses SeV's Weight Management System to prevent appearing bulky
  • Interior and exterior pockets are staggered so that pocket contents do not overlap
  • Features removable sleeves
  • Includes Personal Area Network (PAN), a hidden conduit system designed to guide wires and hold earbuds and headphones in place
  • 3 clear touch pockets allows you to see and control your electronics (even touchscreen devices) right through the clear material
  • No-lose chamois in the glasses pockets on an elastic tether
  • Extendable keyholder in handwarmer pocket
  • Elastic loop in the handwarmer pocket holds a bottle upright to prevent spillage (fits standard water, beer and soda bottles)
  • Materials: Cotton / nylon blend
  • Imported
  • Teflon fabric protector coating makes it water and stain-resistant
  • Anti-static treatment
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Always zip your jacket before washing to protect the zipper mechanism and to prevent the Clear Touch fabric from coming in direct contact with the hot dryer drum.

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