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EONS: Cosmic Creation & Destruction Game

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Become an architect of the universe.

  • Gather elements and build stars, planets, and all sorts of other things in the cosmos.
  • Destroy your opponents constructions with supernovae and cosmic collisions.
  • The winner is whoever has the most points when entropy takes over!

 EONS: Cosmic Creation & Destruction Game

After the Big Bang, things moved quickly - and so must you! In EONS: Cosmic Creation & Destruction Game you and the other players will take on the roles of universal architects competing to shape the universe on a cosmic scale by gathering elemental building blocks to create stars, planets, and other cosmic phenomenon. In a strategy game like no other, the architects engage the laws of the cosmos, using stars to forge more complex elements and form other heavenly bodies.

You'll work to build the best universe you can to generate essence, the currency of EONS: Cosmic Creation & Destruction Game (which represents the power and influence of the architect) and victory points (that are used to win the game). Use supernovae and cosmic collisions to destroy other architects’ stars and planets while protecting your own stars, so they may fuse and generate heavier elements. These heavy elements form the nucleus for larger stars and planets and can produce life and civilization. All the while, universal entropy takes hold with every cosmic event, racing toward the eventual end of the game. The player with the most victory points after entropy hits zero wins. EONS: Cosmic Creation & Destruction Game - building a universe is all out war!

EONS: Cosmic Creation & Destruction Game

  • For Ages 14 and up.
  • Gather elements and build stars and planets and stuff before your opponent. Destroy their constructions with supernovae and cosmic collisions.
  • Number of Players: 2-5
  • Average Game Time: 90 mins.
  • Includes: 145 Cosmos Cards, 5 Reference Cards, 5 Player Tokens, 5 Focus Tokens, 1 Eon Cycle Token, 1 Entropy Token, 90 Resource Cubes (25 Hydrogen (Yellow), 25 Carbon (Red), 18 Oxygen (Blue), 12 Iron (Grey), and 10 Uranium (Black)), 96 Essence Tokens (60 One Essence Tokens, 36 Five Essence Tokens), Game Board, and Rules Sheet.
  • Game Board Dimensions: approx. 15.75" x 7.87"

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