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I-Tee: 7 IT Shirt Gift Set

Because no one has time for laundry

  • A week's worth of shirts for IT types
  • Black is slimming & goes with everything
  • Don't forget to include your name in the message if it's a gift


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 ( Est. 6-9 weeks )
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Because no one has time for laundry

IT people. You are our people. You are why this company exists. In 1999, a little ISP (one of thousands), printed some shirts and bumper stickers with a few of the very phrases below on them. And you know what? Folks loved it. IT people finally had someone who understood them, because we've been there, too. Bonus? We also, don't like laundry. We'll buy more shirts to avoid it. Here's a week's worth.

You: But, ThinkGeek, I'm one of your awesome customers, and I already have one of the shirts in this set!
Us: We're sorry, but our warehouse robot monkeys can't make substitutions. You have friends, right? And they're awesome and geeky like you? Maybe they don't have that particular shirt yet. Just imagine how happy they'll be to get a free shirt from you! And if you don't have friends, you have an emergency backup of your favorite ThinkGeek shirt.

Plus, buying them as a set, you're getting some shirts free without us doing something annoying like using one of those wacky waving arm guys you always see on used car lots to demonstrate it. Everybody wins.

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