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Molecular Gastronomy by MOLECULE-R Cookbook

This product is no longer available

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Food - now with a billion percent more science!

  • 40 wicked recipes ready to take your food to new levels of scientific deliciousness.
  • Learn about things like: foam, spherification, deep freezing, and more!
  • Because science makes everything better!

All foods are made of molecules; everyone knows that. But sometimes you want to manipulate those molecules in new and crazy ways. Why? Because science! Anywho, without getting too technical, molecular gastronomy is the art of doing things to food, so you can enjoy it in new ways. And if you want to explore this culinary art, then Molecular Gastronomy by MOLECULE-R Cookbook is the cookbook for you!

In the Molecular Gastronomy by MOLECULE-R Cookbook, you'll learn all sorts of new ways to make food awesome. You'll explore techniques involving foam, spherification, emulsification, deep freezing, reverse frozen spherification, and more! And when you bring out a dish made from one of the 40 recipes in this cookbook, you'll amaze your guests and/or friends. Molecular Gastronomy by MOLECULE-R Cookbook is a great introduction to food science, made by the masters at MOLECULE-R, and full of beautiful illustrations and helpful tips & tricks to maximize your home gastronomic experimentation. Get ready to turn your kitchen into a mad scientist lab!

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