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Become a Laird (Lord) or Lady Gift Box

This product is no longer available

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There can be more than one!

  • Help with the restoration of Dunans Castle in Scotland.
  • You'll "own" a bit of land, which will technically allow you to use the prefix of Laird or Lady.
  • You can even tour your land if you make it to Scotland.

There are some very special people in this world. You are one of those people. And we want to make sure you can reflect that specialness in your title. We don't want you to be Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. You - we want you to be Laird or Lady You! You deserve it, you need it, and we know you want it ('cause we did)! Time to rise above your peers when you get a Become a Laird (Lord) or Lady Gift Box!

See, Scottish landowners are legally entitled to use the title Laird (think "Lord" with a Scottish accent). Female Lairds can choose to be a Lady, the generally-accepted female equivalent. And the Become a Laird (Lord) or Lady Gift Box has everything you need to officially become a Laird! Get this kit, send in the registration form, and then you will "own" one square foot of genuine Scottish land in the grounds of Dunans Castle. By virtue of being a Scottish "land" owner, you will thus become a Laird or Lady! You'll be sent a fancy certificate, a Proof of Title card (in case anyone doubts), and a bunch of other goodies (including a free tour of your land). Plus, and this is the coolest part, you'll be helping to restore Dunans Castle and grounds. Get a Become a Laird (Lord) or Lady Gift Box and you'll have to get some new (and fancier) business cards! Your majesty!

Please Note: While it is perfectly legal to refer to yourself as Lord or Lady of Dunans Castle, the title would carry no legal status in a court of law and is not to be confused with the English aristocratic titles of Lord or Lady. And while you'd "own" one square foot of land, you wouldn't be able to live on it, improve it, develop it, or derive profit from it. You'll receive your certificate confirming your Lairdship or Ladyship, a Proof of Title card, and directions to Dunans in 28 days or less.

Become a Laird (Lord) or Lady Gift Box

  • Everything you need to officially become a Laird or Lady (a Scottish landowner).
  • Not only will you get a personalized certificate and Proof of Title card, but you'll also get all sorts of other perks!
  • One perk is knowing you are helping to restore Dunans Castle and its grounds - in Scotland!
  • Plus, you and a guest will get a free tour of Dunans - and you can even visit your plot of land (bookings must be made in advance)!
  • AND, you'll get free, lifetime access to Dunans (including Dunans Bridge and the tallest tree in the UK).
  • Each Gift Box Includes:
    • Welcome Letter
    • Your Gift Explained
    • Registration details
    • Life as a Laird or Lady booklet
    • Dunans Castle: A History
    • Dunans Castle souvenir poster

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