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Bravest Warriors Co-operative Dice Game

This product is no longer available

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Sugar peas!

  • It's the Bravest Warriors vs. bad stuff
  • Work together to overcome obstacles and junk and win the game!
  • Play as Beth, Catbug, Chris, Danny, Impossibear, or Wallow

In the Bravest Warriors Co-operative Dice Game, you take on the role of one of the Bravest Warriors or one of their bestest pals. Working together, you will overcome Events and Encounters using your Portals and Special Abilities. Can you earn enough Victory Points in time? With your smartest, sexiest friends by your side (and a bit of luck), your team can overcome all sorts of ridonkulous challenges on your way to victory!

Score Victory Points by overcoming Encounters that you've seen in the Bravest Warriors episodes. Encounters require various symbols to beat. Those symbols are found on each of the custom dice, which are divided up between the players as evenly as possible. Each player rolls their own dice; however, once rolled the dice are pooled together to use as best you can as a team! Every game of the Bravest Warriors Co-operative Dice Game will provide oodles of tense moments, incredible comebacks, resource management, and lots of teamwork. Gas-Powered Stick!

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 15 and Up
  • It's the Bravest Warriors (and friends) fighting evil in this awesome co-operative dice and card game
  • Featuring all new original co-operative game play: all players roll their dice at the same time every round, so there's no waiting for your turn.
  • Play as Beth, Catbug, Chris, Danny, Impossibear, or Wallow
  • Modifying Encounters with game-changing Events makes for thousands of combinations, keeping every game fresh
  • Custom art and dice
  • Officially-licensed Bravest Warriors game
  • Players: 1-6
  • Playing Time: 20-30 minutes
  • Includes:
    • 12 Custom Dice
    • 6 Oversized Character Cards
    • 30 Encounter Cards
    • 22 Event Cards
    • 54 Portal Cards
    • Scored, Failed, and Initiative tokens
    • Plus a bunch of Hit Point tokens
    • Instructions

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