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Insect In Amber

This product is no longer available

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Hold history in your hand

  • A tiny piece of Earth's history preserved
  • 33-23 million years old, from the Oligocene period
  • Natural variations will occur (since these are real!)

 Insect In Amber

Let's say you're on the beautiful island of Isla Nublar near Costa Rica. You've spent a lot of time and effort and a lot of research to bring your project to fruition, a project to recreate extinct species from their DNA extracted from insects in amber. So why you gotta start with the carnivores, genius? Bring back the Dodo. He was lovely in Alice in Wonderland. And Wikipedia says (today, when we're cutting and pasting it) that the Dodo "likely subsisted on fallen fruits, nuts, seeds, bulbs and roots." Check it. Nowhere in that description does it say, "AND THE FLESH OF TOURISTS." And even if there is a sabotage during an inspection visit, what's going to happen? They give the little guy a hat and a cane? Nobody dies.

Get your own fossilized insect in amber and start your crazy science experiments today! No, not really. Well, really on the fossilized insect. Not really on the cloning. Plus, this amber is from the Dominican Republic in the Oligocene, so even if you could extract the entire sequence of another organism's DNA from the insect and then reproduce it, you wouldn't get a dinosaur. Sorry, kids.

Product Specifications

  • A tiny piece of Earth's history preserved, amber with an insect trapped inside
  • 33-23 million years old, from the Oligocene period
  • Amber from the Dominican Republic
  • Common insects trapped in Dominican amber: small flies, gnats, midges, ants, stingless bees, and beetles
  • Comes in a 1" square, clear, acrylic box with magnifier lid
  • Materials: Amber
  • Dimensions: Ours was a 3/4" x 1/2" polished oval cabochon, but since these are real, natural variations will occur
  • WARNING - SMALL PARTS - Not intended for children under 3 years of age

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