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Tub o' Caffeinated Mints

This product is no longer available

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Kill stink breath and the sleepies!

  • A lot of minty mints to keep your breath fresh and your brain awake.
  • About five mints equals one cup of coffee (approx. 100mg of caffeine).
  • Over 60 cups worth of wakeup per tub!

 Tub o' Caffeinated Mints

There's something we've wanted to tell you for some time. It's not easy, but it has to be done. We love you, you know we do . . . but your breath. Sometimes, we can smell it though the internets. We didn't want to tell you like this, but we just want to make you better, you know. Oh, and also, you're asleep. We're not sure how you're reading this, but . . . solve both problems with one Tub o' Caffeinated Mints.

There's nothing fancy about the Tub o' Caffeinated Mints. It's full of minty mints that are loaded with caffeine. Five mints will make your breath sparkle like the peaks of snow-covered mountains in the sun, and give you 100mg of caffeine (that's more than energy drinks that claim to give you wings). Plus, there are over 300 mints in each Tub o' Caffeinated Mints, so your breath will be safe for quite some time. Because we care.

For nutrition information, click here.

Tub o' Caffeinated Mints

  • Freshen your breath and wake up all at once.
  • Five mints has about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee (100mg). That's more than most energy drinks!
  • Net Wt.: 9.5oz (approx. 324 mints).

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