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Doctor Who Adipose Science Putties

This product is no longer available

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And the fat just melts away!

  • Three "fat" putties that melt when you leave them alone.
  • You can mold them into anything, or press them back into their Adipose molds.
  • Little plastic eyes and smiles included (to plug into the putty).

 Doctor Who Adipose Science Putties

There was a time when planets disappeared. One of those planets was Adipose 3. But where would the Adipose First Family breed their young? An illegal plan was hatched, and we all know the results. The fat literally walked away!! Anywho, in the end, Adipose 3 was returned, the First Family paid some heavy (get it?) fines, and all was right in the world. To help raise money for the fines, they made these sets of Doctor Who Adipose Science Putties for you.

Doctor Who Adipose Science Putties are just like a certain humorous putty you know, but colored to look like the Adipose. The putty stretches and squishes and slowly melts. AND, if you carefully remove the blister pack, you can use the packaging to mold your putty into three Adipose. You even get little eyes and mouths to plug into the putty to make those cute little fat babies. Doctor Who Adipose Science Putties - they won't help you lose weight, but they will help you lose boredom!

Doctor Who Adipose Science Putties

  • For Ages 5 and up. Small parts, though, so watch them kids.
  • Enough putty to mold three Adipose babies.
  • Little plastic eyes and mouths can be plugged in, too.
  • This putty is like that which is silly, and if you leave your Adipose alone too long, it will melt.
  • Will not trigger full parthenogenesis.
  • Dimensions: approx. 3" tall (before they melt).

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