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littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit

This product is no longer available

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DIY Analog Synth!

  • Connect modules together to make your own analog synthesizer
  • Modules connect with magnets
  • Quickly make, take apart, remake all sorts of fun instruments

We love synthesizers. But for the beginner or musically-challenged person, they can be very intimidating. All those knobs and dials and wave forms and buttons and stuff can really scare people. Finally, a creation has been made which destroys the fears of the fearful, teaches the beginner, helps the musically-challenged, and amazes the professional musician. This is the love child of littleBits (the modular circuit building people) and Korg (the awesome electronic music gear people), and it's simply called the littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit.

The littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit is an amazing toy and instrument all in one. Just like all littleBits products, you get a bunch of different modules which all hook together with magnets (and can hook to all other littleBits modules, too). There's a Keyboard Module, a Micro Sequencer Module, 2 Oscillator Modules, and a bunch of other modules that hook in any order you want. Plus, there's an awesome booklet included which not only shows you what each module does, not only treats you to electronic music trivia, but also gives you some great plans for how to combine your littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit into fantastic new musical instruments. If you like bleeping, blooping, and music, you're gonna love the littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit! We do (and so do Hans Zimmer, Brian Eno, and Reggie Watts - to name a few).

Product Specifications

  • For Ages 14 and Up
  • Make things that makes music
  • littleBits and Korg have demystified a traditional analog synthesizer, making it super easy for novices and experts alike to create music
  • All modules hook together with magnets!
  • Connects to speakers, computers, and headphones
  • Can be used to make your own instruments
  • Fits into the littleBits modular system for infinite combos of audio, visual, and sensory experiences
  • Includes:
    • 1 x Power Module
    • 2 x Oscillator Modules
    • 1 x Random Module
    • 1 x Keyboard Module
    • 1 x Micro Sequencer Module
    • 1 x Envelope Module
    • 1 x Filter Module
    • 1 x Delay Module
    • 1 x Mix Module
    • 1 x Split Module
    • 1 x Synth Speaker Module
    • 1 x 9V Battery and Cable
    • 1 x 35 page booklet (with tips, trivia, plans, and more)
  • Batteries: 1 x 9V (included)
  • Output Jack: Standard 3.5mm
  • Dimensions: approx. 3.19" x 0.94" x 0.5" (longest module: Keyboard Module)

littleBits Korg DIY Synth Kit Videos:

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