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Plynosaur Dromeosaurus Skull Model

This product is no longer available

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Your own personal Dromaeosaurus explanatus

  • Plywood model of dromaeosaurus skull
  • Jaw has stopping pins to keep it open at different angles
  • Rawr!

This is actually probably a model of D. albertensis since we have more fossils of it, but humor us for a second and imagine this is D. explanatus. It works marvelously because the Latin explanō, explanārē means two things: to flatten and to explain. Which is exactly what this little guy does. He's a flattened version of a dromaeosaurus you get to put together, plus you're going to have to explain why you have a wooden dinosaur skull when you display him. (The correct answer to the question is "Because I can.")

Dromaeosaurus stood around 6 ft. tall and if he'd been a contemporary of humans he could have handed a human's butt to it with one three-toed, sickle-clawed hand. Velociraptor is a dromaeosaurid theropod, so that gives you some idea of how fierce he could be, even if Jurassic Park got them wrong. Dromaeosaurus was a carnivore that ran quickly (that's what his name means). Add in sharp teeth and big eyes and you get an idea of how unpleasant a house guest he'd be. But this one? He's right at home on your coffee table.


Product Specifications

  • Plywood model of dromaeosaurus skull
  • Almost actual size (dromaeosaurus was 6 ft. tall)
  • Some assembly required (insert dowels into holes)
  • Jaw has stopping pins to keep it open at different angles
  • Put it on your desk to menace your coworkers
  • Put it in your bedroom to keep little brothers and sisters out
  • Materials: 1/8" craft plywood
  • Dimensions: 12" long x 3" wide x 6" tall

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