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Doctor Who: Tumbling TARDIS Tower Game

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At Trenzalore, the TARDIS will . . . tumble.

  • Stack the blocks and try to remove them without causing them to tumble.
  • Each block is blue, made of wood, and features the TARDIS on 4 sides.
  • Just like that classic game we won't mention by name but it rhymes with "kenga."

 Doctor Who: Tumbling TARDIS Tower Game

Stack them one by one. The tower forms. Push, tug, poke, wiggle, and remove brick by brick in some sort of reverse Cask of the Amontillado. If you cause the tower to tumble, you lose. If your opponent causes it to tumble, you win. If your cat causes the tower to tumble . . . you better hope you got it on video, 'cause that's hysterical. And then you can travel in time and watch it again and again. Just like the Doctor would. Just like the Doctor's version would look like this Doctor Who: Tumbling TARDIS Tower Game.

Doctor Who: Tumbling TARDIS Tower Game is just like that classic block-removing game we don't want to mention by name. Except these wooden blocks are blue and feature a line-drawing of everyone's favorite TARDIS: the TARDIS! Hey, and if you don't feel like playing the game, you can always stack them into all sorts of configurations on your desk as a way to relieve boredom and/or stimulate creativity. Doctor Who: Tumbling TARDIS Tower Game is ready to take your game into the third dimension and beyond!

Doctor Who: Tumbling TARDIS Tower Game

  • For Ages 6 and up.
  • 36 wood blocks with the TARDIS printed on 4 sides.
  • If you make the tower tumble, you lose. Loser.
  • Block Dimensions: approx. 0.75" x 0.75" x 2.4"

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