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Superhero Striped Kids' Tees

This product is no longer available

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A new day. A new shirt. A new power.

A new day, a new shirt, a new superpower. Let your kids demonstrate their love for all their favorite superheroes just by changing their shirt with this Superhero Stripes Kids' Tees featuring The Hulk, Captain American, Spider-man, and Iron Man.

Being any superhero has its pros and cons.

Spider-man Pro: The ability to have spidey senses and shoot webs.
Spider-man Con: The whole "with great power there must also come great responsibility" thing.

Hulk pro: Being able to transform into a huge, strong green monster.
Hulk con: You go through a lot of clothes.

Iron Man Pro: Genius. Playboy. Billionaire. Philanthropist. Oh, and flying armor.
Iron Man Con: Severe chest injury.

Captain America Pro: You're Captain America.
Captain America Con: Suspended animation can be dicey.

No kid should have to pick, and now none will with these tees of Superhero Stripes Kids' Tee featuring Captain America's shield in blue, Iron Man (reads "Armor up!") in red, The Hulk ("Incredible") in black, and Spider-man ("Spider-man") in yellow. Let them pick whatever superhero is their favorite that day and then they can sport these 100% cotton and colorful striped tees. Just remind them that even Peter Parker didn't want to be Spidey all the time. Imported. Machine wash cold, inside out. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.

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