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Ultimate Pi, Radioactive Element, Coffee, Quantum Foam, Robot Geek Soap Gift Basket

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

It's a wash

  • 12 different geeky soaps + 1 bottle of bath gel
  • Makes a great gift or split it for multiple geeky gifts
  • Mathematical constants, robots, coffee beans, and more!

Geeks. Despite often being loners, we pick habits often that involve other humans. We go to movies on opening night when the theater is teeming with people. We go to libraries and used book stores and pick up tomes lovingly read by previous geeks. We stand in line waiting for our next iDevice or to get into the right panel at the convention. And sometimes our little defenseless immune systems just can't take it.

That's why it's great to have soap around. Soap not only removes microbes itself, but also the act of soaping up causes us to cleanse more thoroughly. Plus, soap's a great gift. Everybody uses soap, and since it's a consumable, everybody will eventually need more. (Except for those extreme coupon people.) And when there's an option for geeky and cute soaps, who can resist?

This kit comes with 12 certifiably geeky soaps, plus a bottle of bath gel.

  1. Pi: 6 x 1 oz. soaps (~1 3/4" tall) shaped like pi in a variety of colors and scents: key lime, chocolate cream, pumpkin, coconut cream, cherry, and apple.
  2. In Your Element Uranium: One 4.25 oz. bar (3" x 2 1/4"x 1") of glow-in-the-dark soap with Uranium's atomic properties embedded inside on a special paper that dissolves along with the soap. Unisex rain scent.
  3. Mini Robots: 2 x .67 oz. soaps (~2 1/4" tall) in a variety of colors and scents.
  4. Coffee Beans: 3 x 1 oz. soaps (~2" long) shaped like coffee beans - brown with a hint of gold sparkle and coffee-scented.
  5. Quantum Foam: Jojoba bath gel in an 8 oz. unbreakable bottle. Unscented. Also fun to play with. Not that we were doing that instead of writing copy. Nuh-huh. Not even a little.

Product Specifications

  • Box full of geek-themed soaps
  • Vegetable glycerin-based and vegan-friendly (full ingredient list)
  • Includes 6 Pi soaps, 1 glow-in-the-dark Uranium bar, 2 mini robot soaps, 3 coffee bean soaps, and 1 bottle of Quantum Foam bath gel
  • Dimensions: Box is 12" x 6" x 3" (see above for each soap's dimensions)

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