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Mass Effect Risk

This product is no longer available

Unfortunately we don't carry this item anymore, but check out some other awesome products that your fellow smart masses bought!

Galaxy at War Edition

  • It's Risk, but with 100% more Mass Effect.
  • Three different game play modes.
  • Over 250 game pieces - it really IS a galaxy at war!

One of the greatest things about the Mass Effect games was the moral choices you had to make. They affected things in the game and (and this was mind blowing), they actually carried over into later games. Well, none of your choices carry over into this newest foray in to the Mass Effect universe, so there. But it's cool, because this is a board game. Mass Effect Risk, to be exact!

In Mass Effect Risk, the Reapers have begun their destruction of all sentient life forms. The Alliance, led by Commander Shepard, is the only hope for saving the galaxy. Meanwhile, a clandestine operation known as Cerberus seeks to take control of the Reapers to make humanity the dominant force in the galaxy. And you get to play as any one of these three factions! And it's not just straight forward Risk; there are actually three play modes. Only one is straight forward Risk; the other two are: a fast-paced, strategic game and a quick card and dice game. With over 250 game pieces (playing pieces, cards, dice), Mass Effect Risk really is a whole galaxy at war!

Mass Effect Risk

  • For Ages 10 and up.
  • Battle for the fate of the Galaxy.
  • Play as one of three factions: Alliance, Reapers, or Cerberus.
  • For 2-5 players.
  • Three Play Modes:
    • Basic Training - Standard RISK game play.
    • Galaxy at War - fast-paced and strategic, individual and team play.
    • War Assets - quick card and dice game play.
  • Includes: 2 Alliance Armies, 2 Reaper Armies, 1 Cerberus Army, 2 Harbinger Pieces. 81 Faction Cards (representing the 3 factions), 18 War Assets planet scanning cards, Custom Game Board, 5 six-sided dice and 4 eight-sided dice.
  • Game Board Dimensions: Risk-sized

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